Virtual Workshop FAQs

How does a Virtual Workshop™ compare to a hands-on workshop?

With our Virtual Workshops we have tried to create a complete, comprehensive, and unparalleled  educational experience for you. In many ways, our Virtual Workshops EXCEED with the amount of detailed information you would receive in a hands-on class. We’ve put an incredible amount of detail into both our recorded video lessons and supporting written material and instructional manuals.

Our latest Virtual Workshop™: Mastering Modello Patterns and SkimStone Surfaces also includes a 1-time live webinar  with the instructors for follow up and Q & A. Additionally, you get ongoing follow up support via blog commenting and our Private Facebook Groups for ALL Virtual Workshops. AND-when we have new ideas and techniques to share-you get those too!

How long do I have access to the Virtual Workshop ™ videos and downloads?

You will have 24/7/364 access to all the Virtual Workshop material and your membership status will never expire as long as our Virtual Workshop website exists. (and after ALL this work, it’s not going away any time soon!)

How will I be able to complete the techniques and samples presented in this workshop since it is not a hands-on class?

We strive to provide you every possible detail you will need to replicate the stencil techniques and sample finishes that we present in our workshops. Ultimately, there is no better way to learn something than by doing. Armed with all of the information and inspiration that you will receive, you will simply need to carve out the time in your schedule to recreate them as you wish. We have found that most of our students have been so inspired by our video lessons, that they can’t wait to get started! Our students have access to the stencils, patterns and products used in the workshops at discounted pricing for a limited time.

How long are the product price discounts available to me?

You will be able to purchase the patterns and products used in your workshop for a full 2 months after your purchase date. All Modello® masking stencil patterns and Royal Design Studio stencils will be offered at a 50% discount, and products will be available at a 10% discount. In many cases, we are able to make products available in economical sample sizes just for Virtual Workshop members.

What kind of equipment and computer access do I need?

We recommend watching the recorded video lessons with high-speed internet access. A weak or slow internet connection will affect the streaming quality of the video.

Are these “live” video lessons that I will be watching?

No, all of the videos have been pre-recorded in our studio. The only “live” instruction is offered through a follow up webinar (Mastering Modello Patterns and SkimStone Surfaces only), and through interaction on the Private Facebook Pages created for each Virtual Workshop™.

What if I have questions about specific video lessons or techniques? What kind of follow up support can I expect with a Virtual Workshop™?

Our ongoing support via our Private Facebook Groups and blogs means that we are there to help with questions along the way. It also provides students with the valuable ongoing opportunity to share questions, support, and successes with each other.

Who is Melanie Royals?

Melanie Royals has been a leading designer, educator and innovator in the stencil and decorative finishing field since 1994. As President and Creative Director of Royal Design Studio stencils and Modello® masking stencil patterns, Melanie has developed an enviable reputation for her product knowledge, artistic skills, creativity and teaching ability. She has worked to advance the decorative finishing industry by sharing these over the last 18 years through numerous hands on workshops, instructional videos, TV appearances, books, and educational offerings. Read more about Melanie Royals here.